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amrthrajamrthraj #kenneyweds @kenneyjacob naanathal mukham kunichirikunnu 2010-05-08 12:58:32 Retweet this!

amrthrajamrthraj we r in queue to c @kenneyjacob #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 01:12:08 Retweet this!

hfactorhfactor Reachd #kenneyweds. Awesome trip from alapuzha. Had an amazing companion to enjoy the trip 2010-05-08 01:49:50 Retweet this!

Call_Me_NinjaCall_Me_Ninja still standing.. click click.. #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 01:52:24 Retweet this!

iamatechie iamatechie RT @robin_thomas: - Finally the moment. Another one bytes da dust. Kenney just got domesticated ;) #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 02:01:56 Retweet this!

iamatechie iamatechie RT @robin_thomas: - Blessing the rings and wedlock #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 02:02:17 Retweet this!

iamatechieiamatechie Thanks @robin_thomas for the live updates of #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 02:07:57 Retweet this!

iamatechieiamatechie @kenneyjacob and Dinu this is not only a beginning of new story but also a song "an uninterrupted song" so enjoy life. #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 02:27:55 Retweet this!

jmjjohnjmjjohn Congratulations ... wishing you guys the best..#kenneyweds 2010-05-08 02:31:05 Retweet this!

hariktharikt RT @iamatechie @kenneyjacob & Dinu this is not only a begining of new story but also a song an uninterrupted song so enjoy life #kenneyweds 2010-05-08 02:40:29 Retweet this!

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